Thursday, 1 September 2011

COUNTRY by Judith Miller - An Appreciation.

What a smart cookie that Judith Miller is. Any topic that she tackles comes out the better for it. Take her "take" on the country, specifically owning a rural home just for the pleasure of it. Frequently, it is true that most pleasurable rural homes are in close proximity to a river, lake, ocean or some other natural wonder like mountains to climb or ski down. 

This 2006 book is a gem.  Judith has defined what a rural property should look like - now! And, it turns out a rural property should look as though it is situated rurally!
I know!
A no-brainer.
But Judith properly defines how pleasurable rural homes should look, through her many examples - in full colour.

And let me be clear about this, Judith's pleasurable rural home look is not what one typically sees in most 'rural' second homes. The one that I grew up with, our cottage, situated within a fishing village, was furnished in hand-me-downs from an earlier generation who did not want to live with the stuff anymore, but, since the 'downs' were still too "good" to get rid of, they found their way into our semi-rural cottage.

Judith's pleasurable rural homes have been pulled together with an eye to what is both really needed and what is really wanted. The outcome is wonderful. I hope that you will agree.

Please get this book - library, book store, or borrow it from a friend - you won't regret it! And, no, this is not a paid commercial announcement. I just really like the book.

Here are a few examples...enjoy.

And just one more - from a different book: a Canadian book called: Summer Cottages.
This is a picture that I will state is something that none of us should do again. Muskoka is NOT the Caribean. 

And a designer did this! She must have really wanted to be in some completely different place entirely!

The books used were: Country by Judith Miller, photographed by Simon Upton; Summer Cottages by Judy Ross, photographed by John de Visser.

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