Sunday, 21 August 2011

Considering the Chandelier.

Chandeliers. Chandeliers are just one of the best types of overhead lighting that exists.
Most are pretty grand affairs. And like four poster beds they need one of two existing features to be really effective: either the chandeliers themselves are large in size and are therefore hung from high ceilings, or if a chandelier is hung from the 8ft. ceilings that most of us live with and, in fact call normal, then the chandelier needs to be smaller in scale and hung 4 to 5 feet above a biggish table or what is more normal, a real dining room table. It is over a dining room table, of course, that most chandeliers are hung. But, as you will see here, they are not always hung over any special table.

The examples that I have here (and I looked at dozens before culling it down to just these) are what most of us have seen in homes, hotels and the occasional grand office or two.


These first three pictures are all from French homes. The French seem to have a knack for taking seriously formal rooms and infusing them with some humanity and vulnerability that makes them very attractive to behold when they are photographed.

This is described as slightly rustic and you can see that the upholstery/slipcovers are made with a slubbed linen or maybe it is a slubbed silk. Even the lampshade has a slubbed fabric on it. The screens are definitely covered by that same slubbed fabric. And don't forget to notice the duck decoy on the mantle. Instead of a formal flower arrangement on the coffee table there is a Boston fern! Sacre Bleu!
This is supposed to be a chandelier which is modern - but, it reminds me of a 1920's evening dress. All that is missing are some Satin spagetti shoulder straps. I see it being most effective in an interior that is devoted to an update of flapper era in Hollywood.

Last but, by no means least, is this very charming white painted, wire double-tray chandelier. It is whimsical yet does the job just as well as its more refined sisters.
Love it!
I hope that you do too.

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