Monday, 1 August 2011

What Makes a Room Welcoming?

What are the ingredients to a successful room? According to Charlotte Moss in her book: A Flair for Living, welcome begins with a room so beautiful that it naturally beckons people to come in.

I hope that the rooms shown below, will visually draw you in: you will find both a deeply comfortable chair and, within easy reach, a convenient place to put down your coffee mug or put up your feet.

Some of the ingredients to a welcoming room can be: warm colour on the walls, such as sun yellow or warm red; pictures everywhere - hung vertically not just horizontally; slipcovers on the major pieces of furniture, patterned rugs, wood on the walls - painted or stained panelling, bookcases made of stained or painted wood; large upholstered ottomans or smaller stools, sturdy wood side tables and just generally room to spread out; for magazines, newspapers or a laptop.

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